Boulder Condo Guide

Here’s a look at some Boulder condos that, by my measure, deserve mention. In some cases you might find that I’ve given you links to additional information which may include previous posts I’ve done on a particular Boulder condo project under construction or perhaps one that complete and already beginning to see pre-owned units come back on the Boulder condos market for sale.

I’ll also usually give you a link over to the project’s website, if they have one, so you can see for yourself what they have to say about their own project. When researching Boulder condos, you might find other resources but none that really give you an honest look at the inside scoop. If you search for Boulder condos on google, you’ll get lots of websites that show you lists of property, but how many of them actually tell you something informative or interesting?

Here on my site, you get to see what I personally think about these various Boulder condos. Boulder has a fair number of projects but it’s often hard to find out what’s going on and get the straight scoop on what they’re doing. This is my effort to give you a personal look at them from more of a buyer’s view; or at least from what I’d consider a buyer’s agent view since that’s how I’d generally come at these condo projects with my clients.

Consider it a bit of advance reconnaissance to get an inside look at what they’re doing, how they treat buyers, buyer’s agents and perhaps even their current residents after they move in.

When possible I’ll pass along info about if they’re using Built Green or LEED certified building techniques or any other hot topic you’re interested in knowing. Below is a growing list of Boulder condo projects that I’ve become familiar with by personal experience through site visits, personal tours, showings with my buyers and during the process of a buyer’s experience through signing a purchase agreement to closing the sale.

For those details and insider information please follow the links to my posts or use the search tool above. On this page will be just a quick run-down on the very basics of each project so you know where to start exploring.


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