Boulder Steel Yards

The Boulder Steel Yards project was originally slated for a single Home Depot. That would have been a drag. While there are railroad tracks nearby because this really was a Steel Yard, this will now serve the residents well when the new light rail transit village gets done. To me, this is one is a really good example of another set of Boulder condos that do it right.

Steel Yards is now a very vibrant community, mixing residential, retail, office and light-industrial uses in 22 buildings. According to Coburn Development, “the project illustrates how a live-work neighborhood, with real architectural character, can replace the soul-less strip malls otherwise found on the fringes of our Cities”.

I tend to agree. I’ve shown many and sold in there as well and from what I’ve seen and heard people really love what’s been done with this project. The architectural style and interior finishes are really cool and the location is a great plus with the proximity to 29th st, Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, Trails and the planned transit village.