The Walnut Boulder

The Walnut Boulder

The Walnut Boulder was a new project that saw some strong building activity in early 2008. In an increasingly popular location that I call the Pearl East section of Downtown Boulder. Of all the Boulder Condos under construction, or even already finished, I’m most interested in seeing how this one develops.

I think this project will be a startling difference in our choices of Boulder Condos given the way they’ve oriented the project around sustainable design, with a green building focus which includes LEED certification, and a very upscale, and well-thought-out architectural style. I’ll know more as they finish deconstruction of the office building on the site and get busy with construction. I have several posts on my blog on this project.


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  1. David and Linda Nathanson on November 8th, 2014 12:13 am

    The Walnut Boulder condo project sounds intriguing, would like to know more about it. We will be in Boulder for Thanksgiving.

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